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Thu, 17 January 2019 05:03:17
Popular Sri Lanka actress stars in broadband push
01 Apr, 2008 22:31:52
April 01, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom's brand ambassador for broadband services popular actress Pooja Umashankar says celebrities must be choosy about the products they endorse.
Celebrity icons must control endorsing brands to increase responsible buying among the public, Lanka born actress with ties to India, Pooja Umashankar said, endorsing the island's biggest fixed line operator, Sri Lanka Telecom.

"I personally will not endorse any product which I would never use," Umashankar told reporters after being appointed brand ambassador for the telecom operator.

"Being in the media and being an artist, lots of people love you so much and you have so many fans, they all look at you and look up to you as an example or a benchmark."

"And I do not want some product to be used by the public thinking that, 'Pooja uses it' and finally they use it and not satisfied with it," Umashankar further said.

Umashankar as SLT's first brand ambassador for broadband services will help raise public awareness on the benefits of high speed access.

The company also plans to launch its IP based television service (IPTV) in May.

Households need to purchase a set-top box which will be connected to a high speed ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber access) line allowing people watch IPTV using standard TV sets, SLT's chief marketing officer Ajantha Seneviratne said.

The company had provided 53,500 ADSL connections by end of 2007 with 88,000 internet users while data related revenues increased 36 percent to 4.67 billion during the same period.

The data related revenues had contributed 13 percent to the 37.07 billion rupee total income in 2007.

SLT CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless revenue added 17 percent (6.19 billion rupees) to the total while 227,608 new connections were sold last year.

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3. razor Apr 18
I think now slt adsl is somewhat improved and lot stable than it was. But sadly fronline staff is still very rude on clients(specially old females). good thing is, they're putting very high effort on changing employees' mindsets.
2. khizer amanula Apr 02
new format is nice! Cute girl! If she knew how bad SLT'S ADSL service is, she should not have agreed to promote it. I have been using it for many years.

It sucked then and it still sucks. I continue to get text message from friends asking "Is your ADSL working?" Need I say more...

1. Grateful Dead Apr 02
Well must be a nice part of colombo coz the rest of experience some serious down time with SLT ADSL. That being said, it seems far less complicated to install than Dialog. It would be nice if dialog became less cumbersome and a better service forcing SLT also to improve.

You also have to wait ages to speak to a customer service operator or get technical assistance in English....