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Sun, 20 January 2019 18:22:16
Sri Lanka’s industrialists face difficulties due to port truck operators strike: No comments by the Port Chairman
17 Mar, 2015 17:58:26
By Anushika Kamburugamuwa
Mar 17, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s industrialist says they disapproves the ongoing strike carried out by the truck operators of the port of Colombo, bringing the import/export cargo clearance to a standstill has created an immense hardships to the trade.

Sri Lanka United Lanka Container Owners Association staged the protest against allowing outside container vehicles to enter the Colombo Port was stated yesterday and continued today parking vehicles in the entry route of the Colombo Port near the Ingurukade junction in Colombo.

“We note that this is the second instance, within the last three months that Truck Operators have resorted to such disruptions, creating immense hardships to the trade and we deplore such irresponsible actions and believe that any disputes should be resolved through discussions,” a joint statement issued by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Import Section of the Chamber, Exporters Association of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Shippers council said.

“We are also very concerned that such interruptions take place when the Port is heading towards handling the seasonal demand and when all efforts are being made by the government as well as the business community to enhance exports, positioning the Port of Colombo as one of the most efficient Ports in South Asia,”

“It is our concerted view that such arbitrary and unacceptable action leading to the disruption of Port operations would not augur well for the positioning of the Port of Colombo.”

The industrialists urged all parties concerned to understand the impact of the situation of this nature can create to the port operations, which in turn will trigger a logistics dilemma for the Importers and Exporters of the country and act with utmost responsibility.

“We urge all concerned to immediately resolve any issues of concern through dialogue and not by resorting to such drastic measures hindering the entire trade and the economy of the country.” The statement said.

However LBO tried several times to contact the Chairman of Sri Lanka’s port authority but failed since he didn’t respond to the phone calls.

A Source from the port authority said the exports are not effected but the imports are somewhat effected due to the vehicle block that have created by the protesters at the entry of the route.

“There are 1 to 4 vessels to be loaded and the operations are not effected,” a source said.

“But imports might face a problem because they cannot go out as the entry road is blocked by the protesters,”

The Port Authority said the problem was solved afternoon today after a discussion held with the Port Minister.

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